Sheryl Talks Obesity

Currently in development, Sheryl Talks Obesity is a personal exploration of obesity and of being obese, in a world which frequently berates you for being ‘lazy’ and ‘greedy’. Against the backdrop of training for three enormous physical challenges, theatre-maker Sheryl Hill mixes auto-biography, verbatim and online video diaries to unpick the complexities and real life experience of one of the modern era’s most contentious issues.

sheryl talks obesity

Below are some videos from the Sheryl Talks Obesity Youtube channel. Take a watch and then why not check out the rest of the channel’s videos; an archive of over seventy video diaries recorded from 2017 to 2018?

Our early research and development has been supported by Arts Council England, Young Vic (Taking Part) and Nuffield Southampton Theatres.

Sheryl Talks Obesity work-in-progress sharing (March 2018) written, directed and performed by Sheryl Hill, as part of Camden People’s Theatre Sprint Festival.

Produced by Christine Lee

Sound Design by Peter Wilson

Sheryl Talks Obesity work-in-progress sharing (July 2017)

Directed by Sheryl Hill and Ellen Carr

Design by May Jennifer Davies

Filming by Sam Franklyn

Performed by Sheryl Hill, Caroline Parker and Alex Forman