House of Sock by Wrenfoe

Join ‘Tiny Tim’ Farron as he frolics through the Houses of Parliament in the lead up to the ‘Big EU Referendum’. Encountering a host of well-known faces along the way, ‘Tiny Tim’ Farron is thrown full-throttle into the EUs of Past, Present and Future in Wrenfoe’s satirical, colourful and maybe just a little bit snarky ‘House of Sock*’.

*Sock puppets are definitely included.

house of sock

House of Sock was a playful response to the UK’s referendum on leaving the EU. With witty storytelling and an imaginative take on British politics, this satirical work-in-progress was also Ships in the Night’s first foray into puppetry.

Wrenfoe is best known as one of the main contributors to John O’Farrell’s ‘’; and is the author behind such kindle masterpieces as ‘Robert Mugabe declares himself the new Dr Who’ and ‘Jedi still outnumber Nuns’.  When not abusing the UK’s libel laws, Wrenfoe has also had various gags performed on Radio 4 and ITV’s ‘Newzoids’.  

House of Sock was the winner of Wilton Music Hall’s Plays without Décor scheme and was shortlisted for the Hiive Innovators Fund. 

House of Sock written by Wrenfoe

Directed by Sheryl Hill

Puppet Design by Clare Amos

Props/Poster Design by Annalees Lim

Performed by Anna Nicholson, Peter Steele and James Price