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Ships in the Night creates work scrutinising the issues within contemporary society that in ten, twenty, even one hundred years time, we’ll look back and wonder why we didn’t interrogate them more when we had the chance.


Pangolin, created by Sheryl Hill and Jon Boustead, presented in association with the Born Free Foundation, will tour to theatres in spring 2020.

“They’re poaching for pangolins, one of a kind, 
Creatures with features so oddly designed. 
Their rarity fetches a most handsome price, 
And Mum’s setting out to capture her slice!”

With puppets, poetry and an original musical score, Pangolin sheds a light on the plight of the world’s most trafficked mammal and one young girl who learns what it really means to have courage in your convictions.

‘Pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world, and thousands are taken from the wild each year for their meat and scales. Despite this, many people are unaware of these amazing animals.

This play is a refreshing opportunity to share what is a current and vital conservation message’ 

– Born Free Foundation

‘Very sensitive, very authentic, really funny!’

‘The production might be small-scale but the themes are not.’

‘A beautiful family show!’